Sunday, June 13, 2004

Al Quran (Koran) -- A New Rendering

Note: I would like to apologise in advance
if the rendering does not appear to be correct.
Comments are welcome for corrections and changes.


In the name of God
the most gracious and merciful

Praise be to him,
he is the Lord of the worlds

he is compassionate and merciful,
he is the ruler of the day of judgment

only him we worship,
only him we ask for help

show us the right way
the way of those you have blessed
not of those who had your wrath
nor of those who stray away.


Chapter II
The Cow

In the name of God,
the most gracious and merciful,

This holy book is infallible
and shows the way of righteousness.

The Righteous

Those who believe in the unseen,
give charity out of what
from us they receive,

they believe in what was revealed to you.
and what was reveled before you,
they are sure of things after death.

They win and are guided by the Lord.

The Disbelievers

Those who do not believe in God,
they are stubborn,
and will never believe in him.

Their minds are not open,
they refuse to hear or see
and suffer severely.

The Hypocrites

And then there are those
who say they believe in God
and in the last day,
but believe, they not,

they think they are
deceiving both believers and God,
they don’t see,
they are deceiving themselves,

they are sick in their minds,
God makes them more sick
and making them suffer for lying.

When told not to commit evil
they say they are righteous
they are evil people
they don’t realize.

When told, believe like the believer
they say why to be fools like them
but they are fools
they don’t realize.

To believers they say they believe
but when alone, with the devil they side
saying they were just kidding.

But God laughs at them
and sends them onto their wrongful ways,

mislead and unguided
they stray away.
like those unable to see
in the light of their lit-fires---
Gods leaves them in darkness
taking away light,

deaf, dumb and blind
they return not on the path right,

they are like those who put
fingers in their ears to avoid
death in the darkness
when it thunders
and the lightening strikes.

God knows well
they are disbelievers.

The Light of Faith

The lightening can make them blind,
moving forward when it strikes,
and standing still when darkness falls.
God is all powerful
he can take away
their hearing and sight.

O people, worship your Lord
to be saved,
God created you a
nd all those before you.

He made the earth your home
and the sky a dome for rains
for you to be alive on fruit.
You must not make idols
to rival God in any form.


Should you not believe
what to your servant we revealed,
compose a single verse like this,
be truthful and bring
your witness against God.


Should you fail, and fail you will,
be ready for the fires of hell,

where rocks and people
are the fuel waiting for you.

Tell the righteous believers:
“They will have gardens with flowing streams.”

Seeing them laden with fruits, they will exclaim:
“Ah! these were kept for us previously.”

With faithful spouses they will
live there for ever.

God is not shy citing these allegories,
to a tiny mosquito or to a greater thing,

believers know it is the truth from the Lord
while disbelievers ask the meaning of it,

God guides some and misleads others
but misguides none except the wicked ones.

First pledging to uphold
the rules of the Lord

and later violating them,
they commit evil by cutting

their ties to God and
lose everything in the end.

Two death and two lives

How can you not believe in God
who when you die gives you life,

then puts you to death and
brings back again to life

and to whom you finally return?

God made on earth everything for you
And then returned to the skies

to make seven worlds therein,
the Lord knows everything.


Remember what God said to the angels:
On earth He was placing a caretaker,

they wondered if the caretaker would
shed blood and spread evil

while they sang praises to Lord
upholding his final control.

To them said the Lord:
“I know what you do not know.”

The Test

God taught Adam names of all things,
introduced him to the angles and asked:

“Tell me the names of these things
let me see if you are right.”

The angels glorified God
saying the Lord was most wise
and knew everything,
and they knew nothing
except what they learnt from him.

God asked Adam to tell the names,
when he did the Lord said:
“ Have not I told you before
I know the secrets
of the heavens and the earth?

I know what you declare
and what you hide.”

When angels were told to bow
down before Adam, they obeyed
except Satan , the arrogant and disbeliever.

We told Adam to live happily
with his wife in Paradise
and eat sumptuously as he pleased
but not to approach this tree,

he would sin if he did.

But devils duped him
causing his eviction from Paradise,
we told them to go to earth as enemies
of each other and dwell there for a while.

God then redeemed Adam,
the Lord is redeemer, the most merciful

We told them to get out from there
they will receive guidance from the Lord
those who follow will have
no fear and will grieve not.

And disbelievers rejecting revelations
will live in hell forever.

To Jews

O children of Israel!
remember the favors I did
to fulfill your and my covenants.

Pay respect to me.

Believe in what I reveal here,
confirm and do not reject,
do not exchange them for money,
and follow what I say.

Confuse not the truth with lies
nor hide the truth on purpose.

Pray and give due charity,
bow down in prayers with others.

Don’t think since you read scriptures
you are exempt being righteous
while asking others to be righteous.
Don’t you understand?

To seek help, be steady and pray
though hard it may seem,
but not so if you are reverent.

Believers finally meet their Lord.

O children of Israel!
Remember my favors to you,
more than others
I’ve blessed you.

Beware a day will come
when no one will avail the other,.
no intercession will be accepted
nor any ransom paid.
No one will be helped.

Recall we saved you from persecution
by people of Pharaoh, they killed
your sons and spared your daughters—
God tested you right.

Remember we parted the sea
saving you and drowning
his people before your eyes.

And yet when we called
Moses for forty nights,
you worshipped the cow
and turned wicked.

We pardoned you still,
for you to be thankful.

Remember we gave you
the holy book of Moses
for not to go astray.

Remember what Moses told you:
“You wronged your souls
worshipping the cow
kill you ego
repent to the creator
and in his sight be better.”
God, the most merciful
redeemer, redeemed you.

Remember, you challenged
Moses and would not believe in the Lord
till you saw God with your own eyes,
and the lightening struck as you looked!

You died
and were revived
by us to be thankful.

We gave you a cover of clouds
sent down to you food and quails,

you ate all good things
we gave you.

They did not hurt us
they hurt their souls.

Refusal to enter Jerusalem

Recall we told you to enter
this town to find things you like,
just enter humbly
treating people nicely,

your sins will be forgiven
and the pious rewarded increasingly.

But the wicked did not obey
and we condemned
them from the sky finally.

More miracles

Recall when Moses looked
for water for you

we told him to strike
the rock with his staff,

twelve springs gushed forth,
each for every tribe.


Remember what you said:
“O Moses, no more do we like
just one kind of food,
ask your Lord to give us
food from earthly crops—
beans and cucumbers,
lentils, garlic and onions.”

Moses replied:
“If you prefer inferior to good food,
go back to Egypt and get that food.”

They incurred
condemnation and humiliation

bringing in disgrace
God's wrath upon themselves,

as they rejected the revelations
and killed the prophets unjustly.

Breaking the law they disobeyed.

Unity of believers

The believers, the Jew
the Christians and the converts,
believing in God and the last day
and leading a righteous life,
will be rewarded by God.

Nothing they have to fear
Nor do they need to grieve.

Agreement with Israel

We made an agreement with you
as we raised Mount above you:
you will fully uphold and remember
what we have given you,
so that you may be saved.

But you refused,
had not God shown
his grace and mercy to you
you would have been doomed.

You know who desecrated
Sabbath among you,

we told them they may choose
to be as despicable as apes.

We made them to represent
their people and people thereafter,
and to show way to the righteous.

The Cow

Said Moses to his people:
“God orders you to sacrifice a cow.”

“Are you making fun of us?” they asked
“God forbid, if I be an ignorant one.” Moses replied.

Moses was asked
to find from God
which cow needs to be sacrificed,

said Moses: “ Neither and old one
nor a young one
but one of the middle age,
now do as demanded.”

then they asked Moses
to find out from God
what color of cow he wanted,

Moses replied it was bright yellow
pleasant to the eyes.
to them all cows looked alike.
they again asked Moses,
to find out from God
which cow to sacrifice,
hoping to get the final guidance
by the will of the Lord.

Moses replied:
“A cow that was never put
to plough the lands
or water the crops,
the one free from all blemish.”

They were satisfied
they thought it was truth
and sacrificed a cow reluctantly
ending the this discourse finally.

You all then disputed
you had killed a soul,
God was to show you
what you tried to hide.

Why cow?

We told you to hit--the victim--
with the parts--of the cow.
God brought him back to life,
and showed His presence
for you to know.

Still your hearts hardened
harder than rocks.
From some rocks rivers come
from the cracks of others gentle streams
while other rock cringe for reverence of God.
God knows everything you do.

Distorting word of God

Do you expect
what you do they believe?
for whenever they heard
the word God, they distorted it
purposefully and deliberately.

Hiding word of God

To believers they say they believe,
among themselves they say:
“Don’t talk to believers about God
till you can prove what you say,
do you not understand?”

Do they not know
God knows everything they hide
and everything they say?

Some gentiles among them
know scriptures only through hearsay
and assume they understand.

Woe to those who distort scriptures
with their own hands
and then declare:
“That is what God revealed”
for their puny gain.
Woe to them for distorting scriptures!

Heaven and Hell

If some say they will be
in hell just for a few days,
ask them if they had this pledge from God.
For God never breaks the pledge he makes,
or they just say they really don’t know.

Those committing sins by evil work
Will surely forever dwell in hell.

The believer living a righteous life
Will be forever dwellers of paradise.


We made an agreement
With the children of Israel:
They will worship only God
They shall honor their parents
And pay regards to the poor, the orphans
the friends and the relatives,
treating all people amicably,
they will pray and give charity.
You turned away except few
and did not like it all.

We made an agreement with you:
You shall not kill
Nor shall you evict others from home,
You agreed bearing witness to it.

Yet you are here killing each other
And evicting others from home
Banding against them
Sinfully and maliciously.
Even after when the surrendered
You demanded ransom from them
And evicting was though forbidden.
Do you believe only partially in scriptures?
What, except humiliation, be the retribution
Of those who all do this in this life
And a far worse retribution on the judgment day?
God knows everything you do.

It is they who live lowly life
And forget life after death.
So the punishment cannot be forgiven
nor can they be helped.


We gave scriptures to Moses
We sent messengers to you
We gave Mary’s son Jesus to you
Helping him with miracles
Supporting him with the Spirit.
Is it not true any time you disliked
any angle sent to you
you egos made you arrogant?
You rejected some and killed others.

Made up minds

Some would say
Their minds are made up.
They are cursed by God
As in him they do not believe.

The Koran is above all scriptures,

God gave them this holy book
agreeing with their beliefs and wants
though they foretold it to disbelievers
and their prophesy came to pass,
yet they disbelieved in God afterwards.
So God condemns the disbelievers.

They are miserable now
Selling their souls,
They rejected the revelations of God,
for unhappy they were as God chose
to bestow grace only on those
he liked most among all his servants.
So the disbelievers have incurred
wrath and humiliating retribution.

When told to believe in God’s revelations
they say they believe what came from above
and refuse the prophesied revelations,
even though all true coming from the Lord
and even though confirming what they have.
Ask them why they didn’t kill prophets
if they were real believers.

History of Israel

Miracles happened
when Moses was with you,
when he was away,
you worshipped the cow
becoming wicked.

We made an agreement with you
Raising above you the Mount Sinai and
Saying: “You shall strongly uphold
The commandments and listen.”
They listened but disobeyed
They adored the cow disbelieving in God.
Tell them their faith lead them to misery,
if they did have any faith.

Tell them if after death they
not others, are going to be with God,
they should long for death if they are truthful.

They never want to end their life
as they ask extending their hands.
God knows the wicked well.

They surely wish to live longer
than even the worshipper of idols—
one of them even for a thousand years.
But he will be punished
no matter how long he lives.
God knows all their doings.

Revelation by Gabriel

Opposing Gabriel they should know
he brought down the holy book
from God to their hearts—as God wills,
confirming existing scriptures and giving
guidance and good news to believers.

Anyone going against God,
His angels, messengers, Gabriel and Michael
should know God opposes disbelievers.
To you we have sent down
So clear revelations
None but the wicked would oppose.

Is it not true after promising and agreeing
some still do not hold the pledge?
Surely they are disbelievers.

Disregarding Scriptures

Now that God’s messenger has come
To prove and confirm the scriptures,
Some followers still heed not the scriptures

Condemning Sorcery

They pursued the witchcraft,
which the devils, the disbelievers
taught them against the kingdom of believer Solomon.
But the angels of Babel, Harrot and Maroot
preached nothing without telling:
“It is just a test. You shall not abuse the knowledge.”
But they abused it to beak-up the marriages
though they can’t harm if God’ does not will.
They follow what hurts them, not help them,
Knowing fully well that sorcery
has no place once one leaves this world.
Only if they knew how miserable it was
to sell their souls for sorcery.

Playing with the words of prayers

Those who believe
Should not say,” Raa’ena”—be our shepherd,
But sholud say, “Unzurna”---watch over us.

Condemning Jealousy

Neither the disbelievers of scriptures
Nor the idol-worshippers
Wish Lord’s blessing upon you,
But God blesses whomsoever he chooses
His grace is infinite.

The Miracle

When we give up a miracle
Or want you to forget it,
We show another miracle
Better or equal to it.
Don’t you know
God is Omnipotent?

Don’t you know
God keeps heavens and earth together
And only God is your Lord and Master?

Do you ask of the messenger
What was asked of Moses in the past?
If you choose to be a disbeliever
You would be off the true path.

Many who follow scriptures
Would like you to be disbelievers again
For they are jealous
As the truth has been revealed to them.
You shall ignore them and pardon them
As god will finally punish them,
He is the Omnipotent One.

You shall observe Salat—Prayers of Contact
You shall give Zalkat—charity.
For all goods you do from heart
From god you shall get the reward.
God knows everything you do.

to be continued

Chapter 95
The Fig

In the name of God, the most graceful and merciful


By the fig and the olive tree,
Mount Sinai and this revered town,

we created man in unique design
and made him the lowliest of the lowly,

sparing only the believers and the righteous
for they receive a well-deserved prize.

Why do you still not believe?
Is God not the wisest of the wise?


Chapter 97

In the name of God, the most graceful and merciful


We revealed it in the Night of Destiny,
How awesome it is!

It is better than a thousand months,
angels and the spirit then descend

by the will of God
and do whatever He commands.

Peaceful it is till early dawn.


Chapter 98
The Proof

In the name of God, the most gracious and merciful


Disbelievers in the scriptures
and the worshippers of the idols
continue on their ways
though they possess the proof.

A messenger from God is reciting
to them all the holy things
of worthy teachings.

Those receiving the scripture
did not really dispute
till getting the proof.

They were asked
to worship God only,
in their religion to pray
and give due charity.

A religion like this is perfect.

Disbelievers in the scriptures
and the worshippers of the idols,
have incurred Gehanna fires forever.

Disbelievers in the scriptures
and the worshippers of the idols,
have incurred Gehanna fires forever.

They are the worst creatures.

The believers and the righteous
are the best creatures.

God will reward them with the garden of Eden
flowing with streams of water,
to live there for ever.

God pleases them
as they please God

Such is their reward
of those who show
reverence to the Lord.

to be continued...

Note: I would like to apologise in advance
if the rendering does not appear to be correct.
Comments are welcome for corrections and changes.